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Need crafts for scout troops, MOPS groups, rainy days, etc. Here’s some ideas

Pumpkin Rolls

These are SUPER easy and really cute.  To store them each year, take the TP out and fold the fabric.   All you have to store is the fabric, stem & leaf.  Nice!

Pumpkin TP Rolls

Supplies (for each roll)

1 roll TP
22″x22″ square of fabric
Green Felt leaf
Green Pipe Cleaner
Brown Paper Bag – cut into a small rectangle and rolled up tightly


  1. Set the roll in the center of the fabric (right side down).  Gather the edges up and around the roll and tuck into the top hole.
  2. For a stem, roll a strip of brown paper and glue the edges (if desired)
  3. For a vine, glue one end of a green pipe cleaner to a leaf.  Wrap the center around the stem and curl the end.