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Organizing help from a real mom…who knows that your house won’t look like a magazine page

Taming the Girl’s Hair Ties

Over the years, my girls have accumulated a ton of hair accessories.  They’re all cute, and they wear them often, but keeping them organized, and quickly finding a certain item, can be a challenge.  Here’s a couple of ideas to keep them neat and organized.

Over-door Organizer

Sort everything by color, clip big flowers (etc) on the front of the pockets.







Yarn Braid

This braid is made of inexpensive yarn.  It keeps all the barrettes paired and off the floor.








Drawer Hair-care Station

Shallow bins and disposable containers help to keep all of the hair-care items together and accessible.  She can open the drawer when she’s fixing her hair, and close it all away when she’s done.



Rubber Band Outfits

In the past my kids have been easy to recognize….they were the girls wearing polka dot socks with a plaid skirt….or the one that likes to wear navy blue with black….kids LOVE to choose their own outfits.

Then, my dear friend showed me a fabulous trick.  You can start this when the kids are really young, and it even helps out dad (who usually doesn’t know which tops are supposed to go with which bottoms)

When the laundry is done….match up your child’s clothes (one top and one bottom…you can always add matching socks, hairpieces, etc) into a pre-approved outfit. 





Roll it up and secure the roll with a rubber band. 





Put the rolls into the child’s drawers. 

If a piece of the outfit needs to stay on a hanger, I just roll the rest of the stuff and he/she can add the hanging piece when they get dressed.  My older girls like to use a hanging sweater organizer the same way.  We work together to fill the shelves with “pre-approved” outfits and she selects one each day.

Now – the child can have the freedom to “choose” their own outfit each day, but you have already pre-approved the choices.   No fuss, no fits, and everyone is happy.  How easy is that!

Motivate those Kids with Marbles

Our Family Marble Jars

After many tries at motivating my kids….I happened upon an article in my Family Fun magazine that told about a family with marble jars.  The kids earned marbles for doing the things they were supposed to do, and for extra chores.  When the jar was full, it could be “cashed in” for sleepovers, outings, cash, or other fun options.

We tried this idea at home and it was a HUGE success.

First – come up with a list of “chores” or “must do’s” that will earn a marble (Marble Jars)

Second – Talk to the kids and brainstorm a list of things they want to earn with a full jar

Third – (adult job) Figure out how many marbles will be needed to earn the “full jar” items

Lastly – Find a jar that holds the right number of marbles….this was the hardest part of the whole thing.  We found that “necked” bottles (such as quarter-size wine bottles) work really well because there’s no disputing when you’re at the top.  However, we found that if the jars were too large, then it was hard for the kids to stay motivated until they were full.  So, we solved the problem by adding an epoxy from Home Depot to the bottom of the jars to partially fill them (along with fun stuff to personalize them).

Our jars hold about 30 marbles.

Marble Jar Closeup
Marble Jar Closeup

Our kids have even asked for a “group” jar.  When they all get together and want to earn something (like a snow cone machine) they all pool their marbles in this jar.  This was their idea!


Quick! – Organize Your Bathroom

Bathrooms need to be cleaned often.  However, it’s hard to clean when there’s too much stuff.  The biggest reasons why people don’t put things away are:

  • They don’t know where it goes, or
  • It’s too inconvenient (takes too much effort)

With this in mind – take a hard look at your bathrooms….and then do the following

  1. PURGE everything that doesn’t have to be in there (if you don’t love that perfume…then lose it!)
  2. Put like items together (toothbrushes with toothpaste, hair-care items together, etc)
  3. Put things in a convenient spot (most-used items in the top drawer)
  4. If you have multiple bathrooms….choose one to be the “storage” are for each bathroom bulk item (i.e. store all the spare TP in one of the bathrooms)
  5. Keep a few minimal cleaning items in each bathroom….that way when you notice some ickiness…you can quickly clean it before leaving.

To pretty things up….look for pretty containers in the visible areas.

Q-Tip Mug






For non-visible areas, choose practical containers to corral things and LABEL everything.  Wide masking tape is a favorite at my house.