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Painless Packing for Trips with Kids

Ahhh…vacation time.  The challenge is how to take the stress out of packing so that you don’t have a breakdown before it’s even time to leave!  Here are some tried and true ideas that take the Pain out of Packing.

FirstEach member of the family who can walk) needs their own bag/suitcase.  I like the rolling suitcases for air travel, and duffle bags for camping.  My favorite duffle bags have pockets on the ends (for shoes) and on the sides (for flashlights and small stuff).  Each person also needs their own backpack/bag for the car or plane.

Second – Use a list!!!  (or download my Personal Packing List)  Put a name at the top, cross off what you don’t need, fill in the blanks (for numbers of items:  socks, etc) and make a copy for each person. The kids can quickly learn to pack their own stuff….with supervision (if needed).  When they get older, they can pack independently.  Do not pack for kids…pack with kids.

Third- Let the kids help!  Older kids can

  • look online to check weather forecasts to see if warm clothes or raincoats are needed.
  • check the itinerary to see if swim gear is necessary.
  • count the number of needed items

Lastly – Let them make mistakes….they will remember their PJs or coat for the next trip, if they’ve been cold or embarrassed on this one.

Don’t stress too much….your mood affects everyone in the family.  We all know that vacations with kids aren’t really vacations for the parents….but you’re making memories with your kids.  Try to relax and enjoy the moment for them.