Laundry Simplified

Laundry is never a favorite chore….so, I’ve done my best to simplify the process and get the best results.  The following is a list of quick tips that I use, to make the laundry task (for my family of 6) less of a pain, and as cost-effective as possible.

  1. Sort Less.  If you wash everything (except bleach) in cold water, then there’s no reason to sort your clothes into more than two categories (bleach & colors).  There’s obvious exceptions (work clothes with car grease, new clothes that are not colorfast, and new towels that leave lint on everything)  Save yourself a lot of trouble and throw it in there.  There’s no reason you can’t wash blue jeans and dress shirts together.
  2. Skip the Softener & Save $$.  I used to subscribe to a “cheapskates” newsletter by Mary Hunt.  One day, a reader wrote in and suggested using white vinegar in place of fabric softener.  I tried it, and was amazed at the results.  I buy white vinegar in a large gallon jug, keep it in something easier to pour (an empty syrup bottle) and simply fill the fabric softener cavity with it before I put the clothes in the washer (about 1/4 cup per load)  For laundry with a lot of polar fleece…you may also need a dryer sheet.
  3. Oxy Clean - I do love this stuff.  It gets out organic stains….food, grass, poop, baby formula, etc.  It does not get out the grease part of the stain.  I add the smallest amount of Oxy Clean powder to every load, except the bleach load.
  4. Food Stains – Treat food stains with liquid oxy clean that has been thinned with water.  This is much cheaper and much stronger than what you can buy already in a spray bottle as a stain-treater.
  5. Grease Stains - Palmolive Dish Soap is the best.  Put the soap right on the greasy spot.  I’ve had loads of clothes that were covered in black crayon.  I ran the hot water until it was HOT…put about 1 cup of palmolive in the washer with the clothes, and started the washer….the clothes came out clean. (I did have to spot-treat a couple of the worst pieces with Palmolive right on the crayon)  I’ve tried this another time with Dawn and the results were disappointing.
  6. Everyday Stains - Mix your liquid laundry soap – I use Tide with Bleach – with ammonia.  I use about 1/3 laundry soap and 2/3 ammonia.  Put it in a spraybottle and spray it on all stains…you’ll be amazed at what comes out.
  7. Bleach Pen - there’s nothing better than a Chlorox bleach pen for those inevitable spots on little kid’s white t-shirts, rugby collars, etc.

When you do laundry….try to wash it, dry it, hang/fold it, and get it put away ASAP.  Don’t start another load unless you have time to get it all done and put away….it doesn’t help anything to have laundry half-done sitting around your home.

Hope this helps!

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